Heart to Heart Talks with my Daddy

A Time to Heal

Anyone who has spent any time in bondage knows that it takes time to recover. When our family first got free from the Christian cult we had been a part of for decades, we had no idea at how messed up we were and what a long road lay ahead of us. One of the advantages I have is that I am zealous about all that I do. I had learned God’s word with great vigor and now I pursued with the same energy healing and a closeness of relationship with the Lord which was missing in our doctrinal training.

When I was a three-year-old, my daddy used to pull me up into his lap to have a heart-to-heart talk with his little girl. I had no idea what a heart-to-heart talk was and I interpreted it as a hard hard talk, but I loved it nonetheless. My daddy soon became very busy climbing the corporate ladder and we didn’t have any more heart-to-heart talks. Instead of missing them, I decided to try not to care, so it didn’t hurt so much. Today, my heavenly Daddy pulls me up on His lap and says, let’s have a heart-to-heart talk and I smile. Thanks, Daddy, for loving me no matter what! Thanks for having time for me!

It is these heart to heart talks with my Daddy that I have healed. I have journaled them and my blog will now follow these intimate conversations with God. I have learned that I can be completely honest with Him and He accepts me and encourages my honesty. We have explored together parts of my childhood, how I came to know Him, how I got trapped in a cult, how I was freed from that cult and how my thinking has been transformed over time. My Daddy has asked me to share these conversations with you, because many of you are on the same journey of learning intimacy with your heavenly Daddy.