Wise as Serpents, Harmless as Doves

You can’t necessarily spot a cult or a spiritually abusive church by its members. I hear people voice the opinion that the church leader and culture can’t be that bad because they have friends among their members and they don’t seem to be in bondage. “They speak boldly and are assertive,” I am told. Yes,… Read More

I Stand in Awe of our Redemptive God

God’s ability to redeem our mistakes is awesome! Does that mean we should purposely make mistakes? Of course not! But if we live in fear of making mistakes our forward trajectory in life is seriously impeded. I recall an incident in my life at (I will guess) age 11 or 12. My mother was teaching… Read More

Answered Prayer

Do I believe God answers prayer? Absolutely!  I pray often and for many things, protection, provision, solutions, etc. But there are some answers to prayer which shape our relationship with God and those are the ones which stand out in my mind. When I was 10 years old I went to camp for two weeks…. Read More

Naming Abuse

If we normalize abusive behavior it is destructive of the psyche of the victim. The victim must internalize the blame for what they receive if it is “okay”. If it okay to punch and kick me then I must be pretty worthless, right? If my body can be taken without permission and used to satisfy… Read More

The Village

Daddy, I’ve often asked you to help me understand how I got trapped. Well the movie I watched last night was fascinating food for thought. This group of people moved away from society to protect their families from the criminal element in society. They manufactured a whole story of unnamed monsters which lived beyond their… Read More